Hixson Helps Cabvi With Equipment Placement For New Hornbeck Social Enterprise Center

Hornbeck Social Enterprise CenterCincinnati, OH – Cincinnati Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired (CABVI) is very grateful for an extraordinary estate gift from Carolyn Voss Hornbeck that helped support the purchase of an additional facility in July 2016. With 59,000 square feet of space, this new building will increase CABVI’s operations by more than 75% and support CABVI’s employment operations.

CABVI has named the new building, the Hornbeck Social Enterprise Center. Located at 1022 Kenner Street adjacent to the Cincinnati Museum Center, CABVI will be moving its Industries Program and VIE Ability Office Supply Service to the new location in July 2017. The new space will allow CABVI to expand its social enterprise operations and create new employment opportunities for people with severe vision loss.

CABVI is very grateful to Hixson, an architecture, engineering and interior design firm, for donating the expertise and guidance of their engineering and design staff to help CABVI determine optimal production layout for the new building. Hixson’s broad depth of experience in plant layout and design will help to maximize the manufacturing efficiencies in the new center.

John Mitchell, CABVI’s CEO, says that “Hixson’s wonderful efforts are helping CABVI to provide a great new space to allow us to increase opportunities for people who are blind or visually impaired to be gainfully employed and allow for greater independence and inclusion in our community.”
J. Wickliffe Ach, Hixson’s President and CEO, adds that “We are pleased to be able to assist CABVI in their efforts to empower more people who are blind or visually impaired to participate fully in our community through employment.”


Since 1911, CABVI provides counseling, rehabilitation, information and employment services to people of all ages in the Greater Cincinnati region. Through all of its programs and services, it strives to help those who are blind, visually or print impaired lead full and independent lives. CABVI provides services to approximately 5,000 people each year. For more information about CABVI, please call (513) 221-8558 or visit our website at www.cincyblind.org.

About Hixson

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Photo: CABVI’s Additional Building on Kenner Street in Cincinnati.