A photo of a little girl and a woman playing a piano together.

CABVI provides many services to children who are blind or visually impaired and their families. Services are individualized for each child and family. These services may include:

  • Home based support and intervention with families of young children
  • Functional vision assessments, including planning for Low Vision or Computer Access Services
  • Emotional support to families to rebuild their hopes and dreams
  • Music intervention and instruction
  • Community and school based orientation and mobility instruction
  • Information, resources and advocacy for children and families
  • Consultation and collaboration with other service providers and teachers

Established in 1988, Early Childhood and Youth Services provides information and support to parents to assist them in shaping their child's future, self-esteem, social acceptance and independence. Our staff believes that families are the first and primary teachers for their children. 

With a long tradition of individualized quality services, we realize that every family responds differently to the knowledge that their child has a visual impairment. We have a wealth of expertise to assist families in meeting their unique challenges as they discover the pride and joy of parenting. 

Listen to our Early Childhood and Youth Services audio brochure

For more information on CABVI's early childhood and youth services, please email us at info@cincyblind.org or call us at 513-221-8558.