Please call 513-221-8558 and ask for the intake specialist to find out how we can help or to schedule an appointment for you or someone you know. You can also email us at and we'll get back right to you.

Some common situations that people experience include:

“I’m having trouble adjusting to my recent vision loss and I wish I had someone to provide support.”

CABVI offers individual counseling through our social service and we also provide some therapeutic support groups.

“I can’t seem to find a magnifier that works for me.”

CABVI’s low vision service prescribes a wide range of magnification devices and offers individual instruction in their use.

“My vision is changing and it is becoming more difficult for me to use my computer to do my professional work.”

Through our access technology service, we offer adaptive technology and instruction to help individuals gain and maintain employment, as well as for personal use.

“I’m having trouble setting my oven dial and other household tasks are becoming more challenging with my vision loss.”

Through our Vision Rehabilitation Therapy Service, we provide adaptive cooking techniques and equipment as well as adaptive home management skills, communication skills and personal management skills.

“I can’t read the newspaper anymore and I feel like I am missing out on what’s going on in the world.”

CABVI’s Information Services include radio reading service broadcasts, talking book machines, and a special voicemail information system called personalized talking print.

“Since I can no longer drive with my vision loss, I need help with grocery shopping and some other small errands.”

Our volunteer services include one-on-one volunteers to help individuals in the community as well as opportunities for volunteer readers and drivers.

“I just got a new job and I need help learning a new route to and from my new work location.”

CABVI’s Orientation and Mobility Specialists assist with safe, confident travel skills and use of public transportation.

“We’ve just been told that our baby is visually impaired and we have no idea where to turn.”

Our Early Childhood and Youth Services provide emotional support as well as home-based services. We help families rebuild their hopes and dreams for their child.