Cincinnati Association for the
Blind & Visually Impaired

Mia Ison

Mia Ison lost all of her vision suddenly a year and a half ago, but she hasn’t let this stop her. She is determined to continue to live independently, help her 14 year old daughter complete her education, and return to work as soon as she can. With her eye doctor’s referral, Mia came to CABVI for services and equipment to help her adapt to vision loss.

Mia worked with one of CABVI’s orientation and mobility instructors to learn to travel safely using a white cane. She became confident with going up and down the stairs from her second floor apartment. Mia also learned to use Access transportation to go to and from the local recreation center so she can walk around the track for exercise.

CABVI’s vision rehabilitation therapist taught Mia adaptive methods for cooking, cleaning and organizing her home for independent living. Mia received a talking clock, talking watch, and a tape recorder to take notes about appointments and other daily information. She learned to cook on her gas stove using tactile markers and received long oven mitts to protect her arms.

Mia also worked with the Ohio Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired (BSVI) to help with funding for CABVI’s access technology equipment and instruction. Before she lost her vision, Mia worked in customer service. Now she is learning to use speech software to access the computer. She hopes to rebuild her confidence and her computer skills so that she can work in customer service again.