Cincinnati Association for the
Blind & Visually Impaired

Fran Volker

Fran Volker, age 81, was referred to CABVI by her eye doctor around 2011 due to vision loss from macular degeneration. Since then, she has received services from CABVI to learn adaptive ways to maintain her independence.

As she says, “Before I came to CABVI, I was embarrassed about my lack of vision due to macular degeneration. I tried to hide it and felt ashamed that I couldn’t see to do things for myself. CABVI gave me HOPE. Low Vision Specialists taught me how to use prescribed lighted magnifiers to be able to read my own mail. With a large print calendar, address book, and check book, I became better able to manage my own appointments and finances. A vision rehabilitation therapist showed me adaptive ways to manage my health issues—this is very important to me since I was a head nurse for many years. CABVI staff really care and it shows. It makes all the difference when people really take the time to help an individual adapt to vision loss.”