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Beginning over 100 years ago with a small group of men who made brooms and mops, today’s Cincinnati Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired offers employment opportunities for individuals with vision loss in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area across a range of enterprises, as well as a variety of vision and information services that foster independence and inclusion. CABVI is a private, non-profit organization that relies on the generous giving of our donors. Our goal is to always be a dynamic organization that continues to grow and change to the meet the needs of an increasing number of people who need our services. As we move forward, we’ll be faced with the challenges of identifying new sources of revenue to maintain long-term sustainability, working to increase offerings to underserved, underutilized and disadvantaged individuals, finding ways to create new markets and new products, and developing comprehensive plans to help maintain the viability of our Social Enterprises.

Mission & Value Statements


Empowering people who are blind or visually impaired with opportunities to seek independence.


Ensuring full lives and community inclusion.



CABVI’s strategic plan sets forth a foundation guiding us through 2023. The plan focuses on four distinct objectives:

  1. Leverage innovation to enable CABVI to inspire and earn stakeholders.
    • Extend the reach and impact of CABVI Vision Services in the community.
    • Increase and diversify employment opportunities offered through our social enterprises.
    • Create a culture where employees, clients, volunteers, and guests feel engaged, valued, and included.
  2. Change CABVI's economic engine to provide predictable financial sustainability.
    • Capitalize on current growth opportunities for our social enterprises, such as VIE Ability and Route Transportation and Logistics as well as explore new opportunities to support long-term sustainability for the agency.
    • Increase mission sustainability by growing community grant support and fee for service opportunities.
    • Increase donor engagement and community support for mission services and outreach.
  3. Increase CABVI's offerings to underserved, underutilized, and disadvantaged individuals.
    • Implement mission-centered approaches and services meeting the needs of all CABVI clients, internal and external.
    • Increase overall engagement with diverse populations specifically those who are marginalized, experience significant barriers and whose access to services may be limited.
  4. Ensure CABVI has the software and systems necessary to support identified strategic initiatives.
    • Implement a new, accessible system to improve data collection, reporting and analysis.
    • Review and revise agency goals to best reflect current strategic initiatives.



We value each individual with their unique needs and experiences, serving all with diligence, understanding and respect.



We value each individual with their unique needs and experiences, serving all with diligence, understanding and respect.


We are optimistic and work to achieve a brighter future for our clients, customers, and stakeholders.


We remove barriers to dreams and provide choices for individual growth, future possibilities, and economic independence.


We do what is right and ethical in all our actions and relationships.


We value the talents and expertise of our employees and other members of our community realizing…
“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller


We empower people with knowledge, tools, and support to achieve their individual goals and create an enhanced quality of life.

Our History

  1. The Cincinnati Association for the Welfare of the Blind is founded to employ and assist people who are blind.
  2. Agency changes name to Cincinnati Association for the Blind.
  3. Cincinnati Association for the Blind initiates several rehabilitation services.
  4. Computer access services and early childhood and youth services are established.
  5. Radio Reading Services of Greater Cincinnati (RRS) joins Cincinnati Association for the Blind.
  6. Our base supply center, OFFICE RUNWAY, opens for business at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
  7. Board of Trustees approves a new name for the agency – Cincinnati Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired (CABVI).
  8. CABVI launches a new social enterprise, CincySight Office products.
  9. CABVI establishes a new Contract Management Support (CMS) Services operation at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
  10. CincySight is rebranded as VIE Ability.
  11. CABVI opens Hornbeck Social Enterprise Center, increasing operations by more than 75%.
  12. CABVI acquired Route Transportation and Logistics, Inc., marking the 1st acquisition in CABVI’s history.
Leadership team consists of seven team member

Commitment and Experience

Our leadership team brings together a group of dedicated professionals with years of experience in not-for-profit, health, business and civic organizations.

Our Team

Accreditations & Awards

We are proud of the accreditations we have received as we continue to meet and exceed standards to provide high quality services for our clients.

Torch Award Logo AER Accreditation Platinum Transparency 2022 Candid.