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Ensuring Inclusion

CABVI is here to provide real solutions for individuals who are blind or visually impaired with a comprehensive offering of vision services that help promote independence and empower our clients to live full lives.

Our Vision Services

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Assistive Technology Services

Assistive Technology is specialized hardware or software that enables people who are blind or visually impaired to independently use computers and other forms of mainstream technology for work, school and at home.

Assistive Technology includes:

  • Large print software and portable electronic magnifiers
  • Text-to-Speech programs that provide non-visual access
  • Braille displays that provide tactile feedback for Braille users
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) products that convert print into accessible formats

CABVI’s Assistive Technology Services (ATS) provide assistance with the use of these state-of-the-art technologies. Our Certified Assistive Technology Specialists will help to evaluate your individual needs and provide personalized training utilizing both in-person and remote instruction. ATS works with all age groups to ensure our clients reach their personal, vocational, or academic goals. Services can be provided at our agency or in the community.


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Early Childhood & Youth Services

At CABVI, we have a wealth of expertise to assist in meeting each family’s unique needs and supporting families where they are.

Our Early Childhood and Youth Services include:

  • Early intervention and home visits to support families of young children
  • Functional vision assessments to help answer the question “What does my child see?”
  • Resources, advocacy and emotional support for families of children with visual impairments
  • Support in understanding school services and appropriate goals
  • Direct instruction for students transitioning from high school to whatever comes next
  • Consultation and collaboration with community service providers
  • Music therapy to address all areas of life including, vision, social, emotional, fine & gross motor, sensory and musical development

We believe that families are always a child’s first and primary teacher, and our goal is to be here to help support parents in shaping their child’s future, self-esteem, acceptance and independence.

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Low Vision Service

Low vision refers to vision loss that cannot be corrected with medical treatment or standard eyeglasses. It can mean sensitivity to glare, reduced ability to see detail, or loss of peripheral “side” vision. A person with low vision retains some useful vision but has difficulty performing routine tasks such as reading, writing, or watching TV. Leading causes include macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma.

CABVI offers low vision evaluations at our Gilbert Avenue location. Once a determination has been made and aids have been prescribed, our Certified Low Vision Therapists can help by providing instruction in their use.

Low vision aids offered by CABVI include:

  • Filter lenses that control glare
  • Telescopes for distance vision tasks, such as TV, signs and faces
  • Hand-held magnifiers for reading
  • Adaptive devices – special lamps, reading stands, large print materials
  • Positioning aids to increase comfort and reduce back and neck strain
  • Video magnifiers (CCTVs) for reading and writing

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Rehabilitation Services

Vision Rehabilitation Therapy

Daily living skills can be a challenge for those with vision loss. Our Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapists can provide an individualized plan that offers instruction in adaptive techniques and the use of specialized equipment (when necessary) for:

  • Cooking and meal preparation
  • Telling time and identifying money, medications, and clothing
  • Organizing and cleaning one’s home
  • Record keeping, including the use of large print checks and check registers, writing guides, and braille
  • Sewing
  • Managing diabetes
  • Using a cellphone and tablet

Orientation & Mobility

Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists provide training on how to travel safely and independently in one’s home, neighborhood or community.

Orientation and mobility instruction is tailored to the individual and may include:

  • Use of remaining senses including vision
  • Sighted guide techniques for traveling with another person
  • Use of a white cane for identification and safety purposes
  • Orientation to home, school, work or outdoor destinations
  • Street crossings and public transportation
  • Use of technology for traveling

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Social Services

CABVI offers the services of Licensed Social Workers who can help with the emotional adjustment to vision loss. We realize that just knowing you’re not alone can be a powerful motivator in learning new ways to adapt to change. Our Social Services can provide:

  • An assessment of needs
  • Planning for services provided by CABVI
  • Individual counseling concerning issues of adjustment to vision loss
  • Information and referral to other community resources
  • Therapeutic support groups facilitated by a social worker at CABVI, telephonically and at locations throughout the community
  • Consultation to agencies, organizations, and other professionals

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