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From day one, CABVI has strived to be an organization that empowers people who are living with vision loss to build a brighter future. We take great pride in our work of providing job opportunities and comprehensive services that allow the people we serve to gain confidence and independence to live full and productive lives.

CABVI is surrounded by dedicated team members, volunteers and donors who work hard each day to help us deliver services to our clients. The number of people we serve continues to grow and so have the programs and support we provide. We are proud of the work we do and proud of all of you who remain committed to going above and beyond to carry out our mission.

We are thrilled to share another important step towards the future of our organization, a new direction that will allow us to serve even more individuals in bigger and bolder ways: CABVI has purchased Route Transportation and Logistics, Inc. (Route), a third-party logistics provider located in Bradenton, Florida.

We are excited about this partnership and how it will allow the organization to provide more opportunities to individuals with vision loss. Below, we’ve answered some questions you may have.

Why did CABVI acquire a transportation company?
CABVI has been looking for the right partner for some time to bring more job opportunities to those with a visual impairment. The acquisition of Route supports our mission and allows us to offer new and exciting jobs not only locally, but, given that Route is a fully remote work environment, throughout the entire country; the partnership will provide access to jobs that might not otherwise have been available to individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

How does this acquisition help CABVI carry out its mission?
Thanks to the e-commerce demand, logistics is one of today’s fastest growing industries. Founded in 2009, Route took advantage of this expanding environment, showing tremendous growth, especially in the last few years. Today they employ 44 individuals, offering freight management services throughout the United States and Canada.

CABVI will help recruit, train, and hire individuals into positions within Route. Route specifically opens new knowledge-based job opportunities; jobs that lean into our ever changing and challenging world of technology. Employees will learn the logistics trade and Route’s structure allows for continuous career advancement. Route offers competitive wages and benefits, reducing or removing our future employees’ reliance on Social Security Disability benefits. Additionally, Route’s remote work environment eliminates transportation concerns, a common work barrier for individuals with vision loss.

Why would Route want to partner with a nonprofit?
Route has a very special culture and believes in creating strong, successful teams that work together. Route’s leadership team wanted to find a way to positively impact lives with their company. The partnership with CABVI allows them to fulfill that goal, becoming a purpose-driven company by providing jobs to individuals with visual impairments and supporting inclusion.

How will CABVI and Route operate together?
Route’s leadership will continue to oversee day-to-day operation of the business. CABVI will help connect Route with the highly qualified talent they need to keep their business moving and customers satisfied. Together, we will provide training and support to CABVI clients/Route employees. It’s a win for all.

We are excited to see how we grow with Route! We will share more details about our partnership with Route and job opportunities soon.

Teri Shirk
CABVI President and CEO